[Xerte] e-learning editor-which one?

john at digitalteacher.com.au john at digitalteacher.com.au
Tue Feb 9 12:45:57 GMT 2010

Hi Fred,
Thanks for the time and yes I hate it as well when users on other forums
ask to big a question. OK specifics.
I am using and selling space on a LMS to individual teachers (not
coders)and any body who would like to have a safe secure spot on the web
for their students to access their work.
To start with i was just looking for an organiser to assembly ideas into
content and then upload individual bits of data into the LMS. I guess
Reload or Xerte would do fine for this....and Xerte has a few more
templates, which could be a lot of fun for my students to use. I dont
believe i or my clients have the skill (non coder) to create total
elearning developments. 
I do have one question that i would like to know the answer to please.
Does SCORM actually work. Do people create course work , Zip it up and
place it in a LMS (that is SCORM compliant)...and it works?
I value all comments.

 On Tue, 9 Feb 2010 12:04:18 -0000, Fred Riley
<Fred.Riley at nottingham.ac.uk>
> That's rather a vague 'user requirement', John. There are more authoring
> tools / development environments than pips in a pomegranate, so you
> really need to be a bit more specific. There isn't a tool which doesn't
> "handle multimedia easily" - even Microsh1te Word can do that. 
> The two environments you mention are highly unsuitable for e-learning
> development. Eclipse is a programming framework developed by IBM aimed
> at distributed programming teams in large corporate environments. RELOAD
> is a metadata editor which I have a lot of experience of, and which you
> would use to 'bag and tag' resources into IMS or SCORM packages for
> import into repositories and LMS/VLE-style environments. 
> Cheers
> Fred
> Fred Riley
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>> Hi,
>> I have just got connected to an LMS and for my customers (and 
>> myself)I am looking for a suitable editor. 
>> Some design needs are:
>> Must be able to handle multimedia easily Free or cheap Easy 
>> to use (non coders)  I am looking at Reload...any views on 
>> Reload....  and does anyone know about Eclipse?...looks like 
>> a very worthy business cheers John Doubleday 
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