[Xerte] A few minor things

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 8 20:23:57 GMT 2010


A few small things have been bugging me about Xerte desktop, though
these may have been 'resolved' in later versions - I'm using v2.5.4
(yeah, I know, but there was a project I needed to finish and didn't
want to add the complication of a newer version):

1. It would be good if File | Publish were to prompt you for a publish
directory, rather than just dumping all files in the current directory. 

2. How come a published web doc with .htm extension works fine and loads
the application, but change the extension to .html and only the
preloader is called? Is ".htm" hard-coded in the Flash and/or the .rlo
file? I can't see a mention of "htm" in rloObject.js or the generated
.htm file. 

2a. Could a Xerte app be placed in a .php doc?

3. Even if you save a Xerte doc then exit, you still get prompted to
save. A check for file alteration would be nice. 

4. A basic metadata tagger with SCORM export would be useful. I mean
really basic, just title, keywords and description. For that matter, IMS
export with basic metadata would be handy too. Or you could have basic
metadata in a File | Properties dialogue, say. 

5. A syntax checker, much as Flash has, might be useful for script
chunks. Still, that might make folk lazy... ;)

That's all - just had to get them off my chest :o)



Fred Riley
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School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy, University of Nottingham
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