[Xerte] converting learning object to scorm

Natalie Brown natalie at occumax.com.au
Tue Feb 2 00:09:23 GMT 2010


I was just wondering if there is a maximum learning object file size 
that can be packaged as a scorm zip file? I have been trying to package 
a learning object in Xerte but get the following message:

Invalid compressed  size, rts.size = 2864521, count = 0 -- Native error: 
00034. File processing error, possibility disc is full

I have tried saving the package in a different location but still get 
the same message. Also tried saving the learning object under a 
different file name and then tried to package the renamed file with no 
luck. I can however create a completely new learning object and package 
this fine, so I don't think it is a bug in my installation.  The 
learning object that I want to package is only 17kbs with just text (I 
have not put any videos or pictures in yet) so I did not think size 
should have been a problem. Do you think I have a corrupted file or is 
there a way to get it to package based on the error message I get?


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