[Xerte] xerte and screen reader accessibility

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There isn't a screen-reader friendly version of the editor I'm afraid,




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Good day, 

Please accept my apologies if this has been covered previously.  I am a
trainer who uses a screen reader to interface with my pc.  I'd like to
use Xerte to author content.  I was enormously impressed by how
accessible the output of this tool was when I looked at the demo on the
site.  Sadly, however, I found I was unable to create content with Xerte
because I was unable to get my screen reader, Jaws for Windows, to read
the data on my screen.  Is there a screen-reader friendly version of
this application that I can download?  I tried version 2 and 3 with no
success.  Jaws appears to think the entire application is just one big
flash window with no menu bar or buttons or anything.  I was able to
access the menus through hotkeys but was never able to actually create
anything.  Like I said, if this has been addressed before, please accept
my apologies and kindly direct me to a link or archive where I might
find it. 

Thank you for your time and have a nice day, 

Alex Midence
Call Center Instructor 
Milliman, Inc.
Alex.Midence at milliman.com 

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