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Hi Ron,


I hadn't realised that it was only the Quiz object that currently supported
SCORM (and only one of them at that!). I've been recommending SCORM because
some of our users are using VLEs other than Moodle, especially Blackboard but
also increasingly the SharePoint SLK (I think this *only* supports SCORM from
what Microsoft are saying, i.e. they *were* ruling out support for IMS.
Embedding etc. are not an option for most users in the Eastern Region as IT
Managers are reluctant to deploy XOT on a server so our customers are
developing with MAXOS and uploading to a VLE, in the main ....


Great Videos, by the way ...


Kindest regards, Thomas


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Hi Thomas

I wouldn't waste any time testing - it's fact not theory! :-) When online
those pages use a php page which isn't and can't be part of the exported


And as you might hear in my youtube screencasts we possibly disagree about
recommending SCORM too ;-)





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Hi David,


I haven't seen *this* problem in the wild yet! Could it be that there is some
filtering taking place on the Institutional server? Would you be happy to
send me a copy of the LO so I can try it from our Moodle. 


You could also try uploading it to the Moodle server on the stick and seeing
if it works from there, perhaps. This is what I will do if you send me the
LO.  This would also test Ron's theory.


Also I always advise people to use the SCORM format. I'm at a loss to think
why this might work better as Moodle doesn't need SCORM as far as I know, but
at least it means you don't need to unzip it


Feel free to call me if you wish (number below)'


Kindest Regards,



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Hi there,

I'm using Maxos. I have created a LO with YouTube video and Wikipedia
(everything else is working ok).

During production, everything works well when zipped up and uploaded to a
Moodle (and employed via Zip > unzip > index.htm) the wikipedia page doesn't
show (i.e. the page shows but without content - at all) and the YouTube
videos refuse to be controlled .. i.e. once they are playing there is no
pausing or stopping them.

Any advice?


David Sugden
dsugden at gmail.com
touring_fishman at yahoo.co.uk
07717 341 622

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