[Xerte] Toolkit template management errors

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Oct 16 10:37:39 BST 2009

> The XAMPP install is PC only really, if it doesn't say that I 
> should put it in.

<shrug> No big.

> The root of the installer needs to writable in case you use a 
> htacess or the database.php. The installer lists the security 
> settings you need to install, and those that should remain 
> post installation.

Yes, I did see that documentation when I tried the 'standard' installer,
though I hit a number of PHP errors and didn't bother going further. It
seemed a bit involved, but then a lot of things are going on in the
setup requiring write permissions. What might be better than making the
whole installation directory world write, then having to return it to
read-only afterwards, would be doing all the writing in a writeable
/setup directory, creating an empty database.php file, and telling the
user to set /setup, database.php, index.php and demo.txt to writeable.
This sort of approach is fairly common in PHP installations I've used,
and would be less insecure than setting a whole directory to 777.
Anyway, just a minor suggestion.

One other minor suggestion: if the installer (sort of) fails and you
rerun it, you get mySQL warnings saying that tables already exist. It
might be worth building in a small 'if not table toolkits_data.wossname
exists create table toolkits_data.wossname' error trap.



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