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The HTML generator sounds very interesting.  Would it be possible to get a copy of that template?

I'd started looking at adding XHTML output into the Xerte wizard, but this looks like an easier option.



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Desktop non-templated (such good English) RLOs are probably a no go for a while (though cs5 does allow for iphone app creation so that might offer something) because of the flash limitation.

However, we have 1 template at Nottingham using XOT which goes off to generate HTML via a PHP script and so could make a web based template using the Online Toolkits to create iphone stuff for viewing with Safari.

What sort of interactions would you want it to do?


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We have a number of staff at our institution already developing RLOs using Xerte and they've asked me about iPhone support.

What's the situation with Xerte Objects on iPhone/Touch? I imagine browser viewing is fairly limited, especially with Flash limitations?

Are there any plans to introduce iPhone/Touch templates or developing options? It'd be great to have a publish as SCORM and publish this as something that will play in the iPhone browser.


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