[Xerte] Tab Navigator Variant & Symbol Picker

Vince Byfield vincebyfield at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 6 17:16:55 BST 2009

Greetings :-)


I would like to create a new model that is similar in appearance and functionality to the tab navigator with the following additional requirements:

upon the author's instantiation of this tab navigator variant a predetermined number of tabs, or nested pages, would also be created. These tabs could be assigned with predefined names and text.

Some of these nested pages would allow the user to choose from a predefined set of symbols to appear within the tab. Each of these symbols would have a name, a link to a small icon-like image, a predefined description and the ability for the user to enter additional text about that symbol

I am able to modify the wizard to include a variant of the tabNav RLM to create customized additional nested pages but I would like the wizard to create these nested pages automatically when the author instantiates the tabNav variant. I have yet to see a model within Xerte that automatically creates sub-icons at the same time of the icon, so I suspect a change within wizard.swf itself is in order. If true, where can I find wizard.fla for the Xerte 2.6 package?

The symbol picker would be an optional feature for some nested pages within the tabNav variant. I'm trying to think of the most elegant, reusable method for the symbol picker, something that upon completion others might find useful. If someone has already created a similar animal I would naturally be interested in having a boo at it.

Julian, your advice would be most appreciated.


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