[Xerte] Xerte installation

Murray, Kevin P K.Murray at kingston.ac.uk
Mon Oct 5 11:46:05 BST 2009

I am trying to install Xerte toolkits and I am running into a few problems.

First just a moan as it says in the default php.ini file "For portable, redistributable code, be sure not to use short tags.". As the web servers here do not use short_open_tags I had to set up a special virtual machine on which I could turn on short_open_tags just for Xerte as you can't turn it on for just one Apache virtual server it had to affect the whole web service.

Moan over onto the current problem. I have followed through the installation and it has created the database OK as the first time it asks for database privileges it asks for server name, database name, user, password, and database prefix. However the second time it only asks for a database user with enough select, insert, modify and delete privileges and a password. So I duly entered these. On the next page there is a long list of options in which I filled in the admin username and password, and put the name of the institution in. On clicking next it says it cannot write anything to the database. I check in the Xerte directory and the database.php has the second database username and password but no database host, database name or database prefix.

I have been through the steps a number of times now and the only time I made it close to the end was to modify the database.php file manually.

My colleagues from the Education Technology Unit are keen to use Xerte so it doubly frustrating that the installation is difficult.

Kevin Murray

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