[Xerte] 2 questions: popup and RTE text entry

John Lannon j.lannon at aimforhumanrights.nl
Thu Oct 1 16:48:23 BST 2009

1. the popup problem occurs if I create a graphic icon with url = FileLocation + 'images/popupbox.jpg'. Its a simple blue rectangle ... I want this to cover the background text/graphic icons, and I then want to display text and interaction (button) on this. The problem is that I get what you see in the attached snapshot.

2. on the RTE - I was thinking of using obedit (http://www.oblius.com/projects/obedit/index.php) but I'm not sure how I might integrate.


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Tell me more about 1. What's going wrong? I'm not sure what the
situation is.

The RTE needs to be coded in flash and then loaded as a component in
your piece. Do you intend to code your own, or use an existing one? 

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Hi all,

I have been working on a project using my own template and have 2
questions that some of you might help me out on:

1. I want to present a popup in the foreground hiding whats behind it.
However it always appears as a transparent flex type object - even if I
use a jpg graphic. Is there a convenient way to do it?

2. I'd like to incorporate a rich text editor into my learning object
for text entry. Any experience of doing this?

With thanks,
John Lannon
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