[Xerte] Xerte on a Stick

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu May 28 08:40:12 BST 2009


Start | Programs | Apache Friends | XAMPP | Xampp Control Panel

Stop apache and mysql

Start | Control Panel | Administrative tools | Services | World Wide Web publishing

Right click on it, select stop (it might be stopped anyways)

I don't know what the default password is for Xerte on a stick?



	include "database.php";

	$mysql_connect_id = @mysql_connect($xerte_toolkits_site->database_host, $xerte_toolkits_site->database_username, $xerte_toolkits_site->database_password);

	mysql_select_db($xerte_toolkits_site->database_name) or die($database_fail = true);

	$query = "select * from " . $xerte_toolkits_site->database_table_prefix . "sitedetails";

	$query_response = mysql_query($query);

	$row = mysql_fetch_array($query_response);

	echo "<pre>";


	echo "</pre>";


if you put this text in a php file in the root of the toolkits install and then run it, it'll dump out all the site settings - you're looking for admin_username and admin_password on the text that will appear on the screen.

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It is 6am, and I am sitting by a swimming pool watching the sunrise over Dakar.
- How do I configure my computer so I can have an installed version of XAMPP with toolkits in it and at the same time run Xerte on a Stick? I get an error starting MySQL if I try and run Xerte on a Stick whilst XAMPP is installed. Uninstall it and it works fine.
- How do I log into the management console so I can install a new template into my Xerte on a Stick?
The first is just a belt and braces, as I have my presentation later on, and am unsure whether I'll use my computer, or if Xerte on a Stick will work on another computer, and I don't want to be stuck trying to install XAMPP in front of lots of people. 
The second doesn't matter too much, but I have a nicer template than Page Templates to use when presenting. It would be good for Xerte on a Stick users to be able to access the management stuff though.

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