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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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In the responses there is no need to declare an event handler function:


myButton.onRelease = function(){

  //your code here



The Xerte Interpreter doesn't support functions, so if this code works
it is because the interpreter ignores the first line. You need to
correct that in the examples for radio buttons and so on.


The youtube feed does work for me. It searches on a keyword: were you
using it correctly?


I've moved all your links into the front page where they are more easily
found. Thanks again for this, great stuff.


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Hello all,


I've added some tutorials to the Xerte wiki (the http://wiki.xerte.net
<http://wiki.xerte.net/>  one), that I've been working on to assist our
academics in using the software.


They're in the community portal, which may or may not be the right


If anyone cares to look through, and possibly make some corrections or
adjustments, then that would be welcome.








Dr. Matthew Leach

Educational Development Unit (EDU), University of Derby

m.leach at derby.ac.uk





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