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Nicola Wilkinson N.Wilkinson at lboro.ac.uk
Thu May 14 11:19:17 BST 2009


Do you have any documentation for a code developer to get started. Although I have taken the code of the SVN it is very hard to get your head around. I am interested in the online tool kit in particular. From the code I can only see elements of the pages - i.e. the header of html and the start of the body tag, which then appears to be concluded in a php file.

There are no instructions for any one downloading from the SVN as to what the database script code is, where it is and how to apply this.

Basically - how do you get started with Xerte with out using the .exe file.

In addition have you any coding standards that are being followed. I ask only because I have noted that you are using the abbreviated php tag (<?) rather than the more commonly accepted tag (<?php). If you do have coding standards have you any intention to publish them any where.



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