[Xerte] Toolkits changes

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri May 1 14:55:20 BST 2009

There is also a new build of Xerte on the main site, v2.5.4 - these
changes have been included in the new zip file for toolkits as well.
Amongst other things the issue with tabbing to items in the categories
page type has been fixed,

Have a good weekend,


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Hello all,

Here is the update as to this week's modifications on the PHP side.

You can drop these new files over the top (assuming you've not made any
changes yourself to these files). Please don't drop the entire zips
worth of files over.

All these new files are in the zip you can download from the website.

Fixed LDAP authentication problem for non-password-authenticated LDAP

Resolved omission on the publish tab to synchronise project files

Added code to allow for duplicated templates to appear in a folder.
website_code/scripts/template_management.js - duplicate_template
function changed
website_code/php/templates/duplicate_template.php - added scope to use
the new variable passed in

Resolved bug in the return value for RSS_user option
website_code/php/url_library.php - url_return function changed

Calling $safe_template_id before set

Omission on handling email headers

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