[Xerte] Updating IconIDs

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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You can't use a number as an iconID. You need something valid, like


References are not updated, no. The way to minimise any disrtuption is
to be a bit more dynamic in your code:


myIcon = Icon.parentNode().clip(); //returns the page icon the script is



that way, you don't need to actually give icons IDs quite a lot of the


Set embedVars to 1 to have 'Hello {forename} {surname}, how are you
today?' work in a display icon. If those values change, you can update
the display icon with your code:


myDisplayIcon.setText(myIcon.rawText); //or something like that...
...maybe a iconID.refreshText() method would be useful




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Am I wrong here or does Xerte not update referenced iconID's when they
are changed?  


For instance if I make an icon ID '100' and reference it from 5 places,
then later change the icon ID to '101' - the 5 referenced places do not
change, correct?  They need to be manually changed? Is there any way to
deal with this other than the 'Find' feature?


Other question: Is there any direct equivalent in Xerte to AW's 'call
and return' navigation and the 'update displayed variables' checkbox on
display icons?





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