[Xerte] Importing projects to Xerte On-line Toolkits

Watson, Owen O.Watson at bolton.ac.uk
Fri Jul 24 13:28:31 BST 2009


I'm working on Bolton's implementation of Xerte, (which should be going
live soon), and have run into a problem importing projects created in
Xerte v2.5.7 into Xerte Online Toolkits v1.0.2.

Initially I thought you did this from Workspace -> Properties -> Import,
however uploading *any* zip file, be it a project or a template results
in the error "You can only import Zip files."

After discovering that this only seems to be a problem in Firefox 3.5.1,
I then discovered this method is seemingly only for importing templates.

However, after creating a basic project with a fresh download of Xerte
2.5.7 and saving a 'new' project as a template, I was then presented
with a message saying that no corresponding templates could be found.

So my questions are...
1) How do you import projects into Xerte Online Toolkits which were
created in the standalone version of Xerte?
2) What templates (if any?) are common between the two 'versions' of

Any help would be much appreciated.


Owen Watson

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