[Xerte] Page display issues: 179

Marc Torruella Altadill mtorruella at viguera.com
Thu Jul 23 10:07:58 BST 2009

Hello Matthew,

We had the same problem and what we did was to replicate page 179 in 180 and
jump from 178 to 180 avoiding 179.

Spanish style, pure engineering advanced technique ;-).


The thread you are looking from is ours.

Sorry can't give you a better solution/answer.





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Hello all,


We're having problems with large Xerte files, where page 179 does not
display correctly - it's just blank.  I don't think that it has anything to
do with a corrupt page, since no matter how much pages are shuffled around,
it is always 179 (in the wizard at least).  Nothing seems out of place in
the XML.


I'm using the desktop version 2.5.4.


I thought I remembered a discussion on this, but couldn't find the thread.
Is this known, and was it solved in a later version?  Is there a way that I
can just grab the latest XMLEngine.swf to test it?







Dr. Matthew Leach

Educational Development Unit (EDU), University of Derby

m.leach at derby.ac.uk





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