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Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
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Found the following in the help:


To jump to an icon with an id of 'target', use the following code:





If the target icon is nested inside interaction responses, navigate()
will get as close as possible to the target without executing any


To display variables on screen, use a Text icon with curly braces:




If you need to include text and the variable, wrap the text string in
quotes, and use the + sign to concatenate the variable:

{'<p>The value of myVar is <b>' + myVar + '</b>.</p>'}





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In Xerte, can I jump from  a normal page into a Framework page elsewhere
in the flowline? 


Can I jump from one framework page to a (different framework) page? 


How do I display internal variables on the screen? In Authorware it's
the squiggly {myvar} brackets - what is it in Xerte?





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