[Xerte] Altering Stage Size

Garry Lunn garry.lunn at tic.ac.uk
Wed Jul 22 10:37:27 BST 2009

Hi Patrick,
I work with Jeremy and he posted this question on my behalf.

I've had limited success using this technique but failed on the
importing of the zip or RLO file. Here's what I did.

1. Created a new project in Xerte Online toolkit.
2. While the project was highlighted, I selected the "properties" button
and the "Export" tab.
3. Clicked the "Export SCORM" link and saved the zip package to my hard
4. Unzipped the package and double clicked the "learningobject.rlo".
5. In the desktop version of Xerte I added the stage size and set it to
6. Viewed the project and the stage size had changed to the desired
7. Saved the project and Zipped the entire project using ZipCentral. 
8. Using Xerte Online toolkit, selected "workspace" folder and clicked
the "Properties" button and then the import tab.
9. I tried to import the zip package but an error message appeared,
"File transfer has failed.****Only Xerte templates are currently
10. So I tried to import the "learningobject.rlo" file but this failed

Where am I going wrong?

Regards, Garry

Team Leader: E-learning Development and Support
Technology, Innovation and Development
Birmingham City University

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As an experiment try creating an RLO with your content in, exporting it
from toolkits, opening it in desktop xerte, closing the template window,
then looking on the learning object node for the stage size. 

That might do it.

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Subject: [Xerte] Altering Stage Size

Hello All,

We have been trying to import some content from another application, it
is flash based, wrapped up in a scorm package.
One of the issues we have is that this content requires a stage area of
893 x 620, but Xerte defaults at 800 x 600.

Can anyone tell me whether this can be altered?

Is it as simple as creating a new template / theme, or is there more to
it than that?


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