[Xerte] Xerte Dynamic Templates tutorial - clarification

Johnathan Kemp johnathan.kemp at cxstaffs.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 17:02:25 BST 2009

 I am part way through the simple quiz example in the dynamic templates
tutorial as described in the document XerteDynamicTemplates.pdf

I am following through the example step by step and trying to ensure
that I understand the logic behind each step, so that I will then be
able to apply this to creating my own templates.

Can I seek clarification on the following points?

Page 10
The code uses icon.nextSibling.childNodes[2].duplicate(quesCount -1)
But the text refers to icon.nextSibling.firstChild.duplicate(value) 

Is this a typing error? Are both statements required in the code?

Page 11
Why does icon.parentNode.index( ) - 2 = the number of questions?

Page 12
Where does the quizData object come from, there appears to be no
previous reference to it?

And a general question - is there a way of easily identifying which node
is being referenced at any time by an expression?
E.g. is there a way of echoing a value for
icon.nextSibling.firstChild.name or .value

I guess I am looking for any tricks you have picked up along the way
that aid you in debugging your template creation.

Kind regards

Johnathan Kemp
IT Dev. Manager
Connexions Staffordshire
01785 355714

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