[Xerte] Errors during installation

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 15 12:39:54 BST 2009

Nothing on screen means a PHP error is occurring and killing it.

Try this one.

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Renamed demo.txt to demo.php in Xerte root. Makes no difference
I'm not using LDAP


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Hi Niall, 

Sounds like you've got an LDAP problem as well.

Could you rename demo.txt as show with marc and give it a try.


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	//$session_id = "GUESTUSER" . time();

	//$_SESSION['toolkits_sessionid'] = $session_id;

	 * Demo page
	 * @author Patrick Lockley
	 * @version 1.0
	 * @copyright Copyright (c) 2008,2009 University of Nottingham
	 * @package

	 *  Create the basic session

	echo "SESSION CREATED <br>";

	include $xerte_toolkits_site->php_library_path . "login_library.php";

	include $xerte_toolkits_site->php_library_path . "display_library.php";

	$_SESSION['toolkits_firstname'] = "Guest";
	$_SESSION['toolkits_surname'] = "User";

	include $xerte_toolkits_site->php_library_path . "database_library.php";

	include $xerte_toolkits_site->php_library_path . "user_library.php";

	echo "LIBRARY FILES IN <br>";

	$mysql_id=database_connect("index.php database connect success","index.php database connect fail");			

	echo "DATABASE CONNECT <br>";

	$_SESSION['toolkits_logon_username'] = "guest";

	* Check to see if this is a users' first time on the site


		*	create the user a new id			

		$_SESSION['toolkits_logon_id'] = create_user_id();

		*   create a virtual root folder for this user


		* User exists so update the user settings

		$_SESSION['toolkits_logon_id'] = get_user_id();


	echo "ACCOUNTS DONE <br>";


	* Output the main page, including the user's and blank templates
	echo file_get_contents($xerte_toolkits_site->website_code_path . "management_headers");

	echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\"> // JAVASCRIPT library for fixed variables\n // management of javascript is set up here\n // SITE SETTINGS\n";

	echo "var site_url = \"" . $xerte_toolkits_site->site_url .  "\";\n";

	echo "var site_apache = \"" . $xerte_toolkits_site->apache .  "\";\n";

	echo "var properties_ajax_php_path = \"website_code/php/properties/\";\n var management_ajax_php_path = \"website_code/php/management/\";\n var ajax_php_path = \"website_code/php/\";\n";

	echo file_get_contents($xerte_toolkits_site->website_code_path . "management_top");

	echo logged_in_page_format_middle(file_get_contents($xerte_toolkits_site->website_code_path . "management_middle"));


	echo file_get_contents($xerte_toolkits_site->website_code_path . "management_bottom");


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