Xerte wiki (was RE: [Xerte] Training event)

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 8 16:34:51 BST 2009

> We provide the Wiki (AC&S Ltd) via an off site hosting 
> platform we use for other things.  It was very easy to set up.
> Mark

Ok, thanks for the info. I've been researching wikis, on and off, as a
possible option for collaborative sites for our punters, and haven't
really made a choice from the stacks of wikis out there - an idea of the
wiki galaxy can be gained from the excellent WikiMatrix at
http://www.wikimatrix.org/. I'd put MediaWiki to one side as it's billed
as 'heavy-duty', and indeed is the wiki that Wikipedia uses. I'll
perhaps have another look at it if it's being used on a relatively small
project like Xerte. 



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