[Xerte] Xerte Javascript errors

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Sep 25 15:21:08 BST 2008

Point 1 - Technically speaking you can't edit folders, so that's my bad
javascript...... the newwindow line was in the wrong place in the code
so modify website_code/scripts/template_management.js - look for the
edit_window function - swap its contents for this (assuming no other
modifications) - 




var NewEditWindow = window.open(site_url + "edit_" +
"editwindow" + drag_manager.selected_items[x].id, "height=665,
width=800" );

NewEditWindow.window_reference = self; 



alert("Folders can be edited or modified by highlighting them then
clicking on properties");




Point 2 - The example links needs to be set in the
originaltemplatedetails table in the database - look for the display_id
column. This is the template ID of the example you'd like to use (so if
its template id 1, put a 1 in there - if you don't have an example - set
it to 0).
Point 3 - Can't say for definite - do you have firebug installed in
firefox? That tends to give better error messages than IE.
Sorry for the hassle.


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	We have installed Xerte on our server, and it is now
authenticating properly through LDAP...


	However once logged in i come across a few problems...

	 1:  i can create folders, but if i select one, then click the
Edit, i get javascript errors, including...

	                Line: 63

	                Char: 2

	                Error: 'undefined' is null or not an object

	                Code: 0


	2:            When i click on properties i get "Page cannot be
found" in the popup (also for the see example links on the right hand


	3:  If i try to create a new project i get the javascript error

	                Line: 483

	                Char: 4

	                Error: Invalid Argument

	                Code: 0


	Has anyone else had any similar problems when setting the system
up, and how they got around them?




	Samuel Persse

	E-Resources & Design Team

	Loughborough College




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