[Xerte] Sound "wait" problem on web

Kent Chesnut kent_chesnut at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 20 15:51:57 BST 2008

Xerte Users,
I have yet another newbie type question.  Sorry to be a pain.
I've put all my interactions within the entry frame of the project and just use the pages to set up text, sound file name, ...  I have a sound icon in a perpetual interaction within the entry frame (the user pushes a button to initiate the sound) set up to play FileLocation + audiofilename.  The Play and Wait properties are set.  When a page is opened, the audiofilename is set (to something like 'phone1.mp3').  When the user clicks the button, a "playing" message is shown, the audio is played, and then the message is removed.
This works fine within the development environment.  When put on the web, however, control falls on through the sound icon and the "playing" message is only shown momentarily (even though the sound goes ahead and plays correctly).  If the button is pressed again, the program acts as expected.
My theory... the sound file is not loaded when the sound icon is activated, so the wait function doesn't work and control falls on through.  A few seconds later, the sound file is completely loaded, so the sound icon works as expected. 
Does my theory sound correct?
Is there a way to work around the problem?  like preloading the sound file?
Or is there a better way to handle this situation?
Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.
Have a great day,
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