[Xerte] Newbie AS syntax question

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Yes! that works.
Why does that not work if the button is put in an Entry Frame at the start of the document (just below the Interface icon)?


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As the rlo file is parsed, it does things in this order:

- Sets up the interface
- Creates the first page
- Adds its child icons and executes any script
- Adds the next page

So if you have a script in page one that directly nvigates to page 2, it
won't work until page 2 exists. Put the script in a button on page 1 and
you'll see - because then the button is clicked after all the pages have
been created and id.gotoPage(n) will work.

There is an 'onInit' event you can listen to to executute code once the
whole learning object has initialised. It is broadcast by rootIcon.


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I am new to Xerte AND ActionScript, so this is a very basic question.

I got a few pages in a framework (the framework has an ID assigned to
it). What can I put in a script icon in the first page, to make it go to
the next page? I'm just trying to understand AS. I tried gotoPage, and
used frameworkID.gotoPage(2), but nothing happens. I know the code gets
executed (debug('here')). What is wrong?



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