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Benjamin Lang benjamin.lang at clickandlearn.at
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I am new to Xerte and have some questions about the tutorial "Dynamic Templates with Xerte".


First of all, I have tried to follow the tutorial step by step, but after creating the wizard, I am still not able to double-click the Learning Object to open the wizard.

(At this step of the tutorial, the Xerte-file is still an rlo-file) Every time I try it, Xerte closes and stays in the taskbar, but it is impossible to make it visible again.

So I tried it with the files offered on your website and it worked. 

I hope this is enough information for someone to help me.    


The second problem is, I have no "Templates - Section" in the menu bar (actually, in my case it looks like that: "File - Edit - View - Tools - Help").

While working with the tutorial, I noticed that I would need this to create a template package.

Please tell me if I did something wrong or if there is another way to find the "Template - Section". 



Greetings from Austria,




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