[Xerte] Toolkits for Moodle users / LDAP security

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 14 16:57:35 GMT 2008

Hello all,

Some of you have been trying to get toolkits working on servers that
already have moodle on / or run a different flavour of LDAP than what we
have here.

I've got the basics of a new login function written, that allows for
ldap binds without authenticated LDAP strings (which is what moodle

I can test for this code here, but we don't have any other kind of LDAP
for me to test against.

So does any one with a moodle / LDAP setting mind running 1 PHP script
for me to test?

Much appreciated.

Patrick Lockley
IS Learning Team
King's Meadow Campus
Tel: 0115 84 68882

My Page on Community - http://webapps.nottingham.ac.uk/elgg/cczpl

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