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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 7 10:30:39 GMT 2008

I’ve updated pageTemplates.xtp to track a score from the quiz page.


There is an optional property on the quiz page ‘SCORM Tracking’. There are two options:

‘Track First Score’ will only save the user’s first attempt to the LMS; ‘Track Last Score’ will set each score the user gets in the quiz to the database.


I’ve tested it with the test suite and it works fine as far as I can tell. I haven’t tested in an LMS, so if anyone can give it a whirl, I’d be grateful for any feedback.




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You will need to add code throughout the quiz part of the template to track the score and then save it once the quiz is complete. The quiz template doesn’t track a  score at the moment.


If it is really important to track a reliable grade from a quiz, then you need to think about how to prevent a user simply taking the quiz a number of times until they have passed the test. There is nothing to stop that right now.


The quiz template is not designed to be summative – it is intended to give feedback to the learnner about their learning. We often don’t track grades, because there are so many issues with it, that the data is often meaningless.


-          Did the student you think took the test actually take it? Or was it really their much brighter friend?

-          How many times did they take it?

-          Were they cheating – did they have a web browser open? Or a book on their lap?


So it probably comes down to the reason you want to track the grade, and what consequences the result has for the student as to whether this is worth doing or not.




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Finally, i was able to create a course using a template (It is urgent  the tutorials be updated so that they are helpful). But, I would like to add score in my course. I was sent the following code. 

_level0.setValue(“cmi.core.score.raw, 90); //sets the score to 90

However, i don't know where to add it.  I created the course using the file pageTemplates.xtp. How can i add score in my course?? Could you help me??

Thank you,



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