[Xerte] Error at Publish- version 1.9

William Laakkonen worldradiolabs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 12:02:28 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,

First off - I must say I am delighted to use this wonderful tool. It is a
huge head-start for creating accesible learning content and I had no trouble
creating some basic content straight away. It is exciting to see such a
useful tool offered to the world to freely use. Great work and documentation
rivals many commercial works.

I unfortunately must report an error I am experiencing upon attempts to
publish my own files as well as example files downloaded from the Xerte
site. When I go to File->Publish I get the following error:

A dialog box labeled "Error Copying  File or Folder" with the message
"Cannot copy file: Cannot read from source file or disk" with a Button
labeled "OK" followed immediately by a dialog box titled "pcd_test.rlo" (one
of the file names) with the message "Publish Complete. All files for web
deployment created"  and a Button labeled "OK"

When I look into the associated project folder, it appears the template file
was copied (as it is from the program directory). I have not modified the
template files.

I looked at the list archives and did not see any other posts regarding
this. I have not used a previous version of Xerte on any machine here.

Here is what I am using to produce this error with Xerte Version 1.9:

Windows XP SP2 with IE7.0 and Flashplayer 9

I also attempted this on another workstation here with the same result:

Windows 2000 SP4 with IE6.0 and Flashplayer 9

Both workstations are part of a Server 2003 Windows domain. Both have Office
Professional 2003.

Please let me know if I've left off any details you guys may further need to
help me resolve this issue. Or have I missed a pre-requisite somewhere?

May I suggest you consider a couple of additions to the error and publish

It may be easier to diagnose such an error in the future should the "error
copying file or folder" dialog box be modified to contain the names of files
and folders that have failed to copy. It also may be helpful for new users
should the box with the "Publish Complete..." message explicitly refer to
the path and files created (or not) in the publish process.

Once again, I enjoy using this marvelous tool as far as I've been able to
use it. I hope this error is something simple that I have missed and I look
forward to resolving this with your help.

As another suggestion it would be nice to see the program requisites and
recommendations for OS and associated programs listed on the web site; or
have I missed the listings?

Thanks and best regards,

Bill Laakkonen
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