[Xerte] Layering...

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Thanks Julian, 


Also, is there a way to capture an event when a target area icon fails to
move a graphic to the correct position?


In other words I have an image that I want to be dragged to a target area
but if it is dragged anywhere else I want it to be put back to its starting
position (using animation preferably)





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Use iconID.swapDepths(otherIconID); or iconID.swapDepths(depth) to switch
the layers around.


So myEntryFrame.swapDepths(999); will put your entry frame page above all
other pages on the framework (which I think is what you want)







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Hi all, 


I have a custom .swf interface in my Xerte file which is called from the
"interface" icon. The problem being that it  overlaps everything else in the
piece even though it was added first and is at the top of the tree. Is there
a way of "layering" or sending icons back/forward?





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