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For those of you who haven't work with Eastern Asian languages on a
Windows machine, here are the steps you have to follow to install
Eastern Asian fonts on your (and your end users') computer. Please note
that these instructions refer to Windows XP and Office 2003, so the
procedure may be different for other Windows and Office incarnations.
Option 1: 

start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > tab
"Languages" > tick "Install files for East Asian Languages" / "Install
files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" >

This method will ask you for the Windows XP installation CD. If you
choose "Install files for East Asian Languages" this will add the
following fonts to your installed Windows fonts (I don't know the list
of files if you go for "Install files for complex script ..."):

Batang, BatangChe, Dotum, DotumChe, Gulim, GulimChe, Gungsuh,
GungsuhChe, MS Gothic, MS Mincho, MS PGothic, MS PMincho, MS UI Gothic,
MingLiU, NSimSun, PMingLiU, SimHei, SimSun

Option 2: 

Insert the Microsoft Office installation CD into your CD-ROM drive and
click "SETUPPRO.EXE". Then: Add or Remove Features (if Office is
installed already) > Next > Tick "Choose advanced customization of
applications" > Update > Office Shared Features > International Support
> Universal Font > [click on the symbol left to it:] Run from My
Computer > Update > OK 

This will add "Arial Unicode MS" to your installed Windows fonts.


Either the fonts in Option 1 or 2 will properly display Eastern Asian

Theoretically you could install such a font manually on your computer
(start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts > File > Install New Font... >
...). However, at least Arial Unicode MS and the fonts mentioned in
Option 1 are not freely available. 



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	Is there any implications to this from a Xerte perspective that
I need to worry about?
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