[Xerte] Published lesson doesn't work on web server

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No it doesn't work in firefox.
I hahe tryed to change the security settings but it doesn't work.At one point i have set the security settings to minimum but it still didn't work.

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It's trying to set up the SAPI activex control for Text to Speech. In the HTML file you can remove the code that does that (if you don't need TTS) or you can set the security settings to allow the activex control to set itself up:
You need to go to Tools -> internet Options -> Security - Selec the Internet or Intranet tab, depending on where your piece is -> Custom Level -> look for the value 'Initialise and Script activeX controls not marked as safe for scripting and set it to 'prompt' or 'enable'. The control should then set itself up.
Does it work in Firefox?

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I have made a lesson using xerte and published it.When run the .htm on the localmashine it works fine but when i put it on the web server it doesn't work anymore.It gives the error: "Automation server can't create object".What could be the problem?

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