[Xerte-dev] Model specific css of Nottingham template

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Mon May 16 19:25:16 BST 2016

Hi All,

When we discussed H5P on the development day in April, we discussed that 
it might be a good idea to look at the aesthetics of all the models 
again and see if we can improve them.

One of the experiments I did, was to extract all the model specific css 
in a separate file, and include that file in the rloObject.htm and 
delete the inline styles from the model.

 1. It make it possible to override model specific css
 2. It make it possible to override model specific css in the themes

Regrettable, that doesn't work, because the models do not use 
independent html id's and classes.

What I would like to propose is to:

 1. Make sure all the id's and classes used in a model file are unique
    for that model (by prefixing?)
 2. Extract the inline css from the model files in a central file

Just to be able to override css in a LO specific custom stylesheet and 
in a theme.

Any objections and/or other suggestions?



Tom Reijnders
TOR Informatica
Chopinlaan 27
5242HM Rosmalen
Tel: 073 5226191
Fax: 073 5226196

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