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Is the owner not able to do this? Has the owner left?

You can us the give project option via management to 'change ownership' to
someone else (or yourself) and then the new owner can add the new shared
users. But be careful with this unless you are using the latest code. There
was an issue where if you were already a shared editor and then via
management someone mad you the owner too then that caused a problem because
you can't be owner and shared editor at the same time. Tom fixed that but it
was a relatively recent fix. The way round that with the older code is to
un-share editing access with whoever you want to make the owner first.

Longer term we should probably change the management code so that an admin
can manage the shared access via the properties view. 




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I need to add a new editor to some projects (that aren't mine).


I know I have done this through the management interface before but can't
work out how I did it now. I can find the projects in the 'Users Projects'
section and can open the properties panel but when I go to the Shared
settings tab I just see a list of the current editors rather than anyway to
add a new one.


Any ideas how to do this?




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