[Xerte-dev] Populating the Xerte News page at www.apereo.org/projects/xerte

Laura Gekeler lgekeler at nd.edu
Thu Mar 3 16:06:15 GMT 2016

Hello All!

... I just noticed the https://www.apereo.org/projects/xerte page could use
fresh content.  I'm hoping to engage other Apereo members around the Xerte
LTI idea. Of course, I think first they have to be interested in adopting
the product... so, as a suggestion, if it were me, I would take a feed from

and also display it on https://www.apereo.org/projects/xerte for greater
visibility to the Apereo community specifically. I mean, why maintain two
separate streams?

my 2p,


Laura Gekeler
LMS Administrator

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Apereo Foundation <https://www.apereo.org/content/projects-communities>
Board '14-2017

University of Notre Dame
Sakai_Team-group at nd.edu
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