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Yeah, that's fine. We just need to be careful about anything we add to the project and redistribute. It needs to be Apache / BSD / MIT style permissive license. We also need to check the licensing of any sub-components, because whilst a piece of software might be licensed Apache 2.0, we need to check that the developers have used the same rigour in their own release management and that they don't have anything else included in there that is problematic for us.

We really need to check this before any development starts, because it is a showstopper, and I'd hate to have to stop a piece of work being released because of licensing issues.

The src folder isn't for distribution, so that's OK, I wasn't sure if anything in there was intended to use in the runtime.

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Hi Julian,

SAML is a single signon standard, and consists of two parts. The part that is in libraries/Xerte/Authentication is required, and needs supporting pages.

The part in src is an example implementation of those supporting pages, and is NOT intended for distribution in the zip.

Wil that work?


Julian Tenney schreef op 21-1-2015 om 12:53:
Noticed that SAML had been added to the dev branch: I'm not sure what this is or what it's for?

We cannot redistribute it: in src/SAML2/extlib/xmlseclibs there is a license file claiming copyright to an individual, all rights reserved. That's a showstopper.

/src isn't to be distributed anyway, so it isn't a problem as it is, but I'm unsure if the intention is to redistribute this?

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