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Yes, I'm happy to talk about templates

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I need to write a summary paragraph for the Apereo webinar in April so Ian can publicise it. How about we use the basic structure we thrashed out for the Paris presentation coming up next month: we should be able to re-use some of the materials we put together as well.

"Xerte Online Toolkits is a new project to Apereo, currently working through the incubation process. In this webinar, the Xerte developers will introduce themselves, and the software, to the Apereo Community. Julian Tenney will  say a little about where the project came from, and how it came to be an Apereo project; Ron Mitchell will provide an overview and demonstrate the software's key features and Tom Reijnders will show some of the new developments currently taking place."

It would be good for everyone to be involved in this if possible - I'm keen to make the most of our opportunities to introduce ourselves to Apereo. I wonder if Alistair (copied in) might like to say something about accessibility? Whether Inge and Katrien might like to say something about our community(s)? Whether Fay might like to say something about developing templates?

Open to ideas,


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Will do.

Julian Tenney schreef op 7-1-2015 om 12:18:

> Hi,


> I have signed up to do an Introduction to Xerte Online Toolkits on 8th April. It would be good if as many of you as possible would be able to drop in as well, so we can introduce ourselves and the software to the Apereo community. Maybe we'll be close to the release by then too..?


> We can figure it out nearer the time, but for now, would you mind putting it in your diaries?


> 8th April, 12.00 EST (which I think is 17.00 BST)


> Thanks,


> Julian


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> All


> I'd like to wish you all a happy new year, and every success for 2015.


> Last year we began a series of Apereo webinars to provide updates, or in some cases introductions, to project and other activity across the Apereo community. I'd like to follow through by making this very much a rolling process.


> If you would like to provide a webinar - either to introduce your project to a potentially wider audience, focus on a particular aspect of recent development, or perhaps a forthcoming release, please sign up on this googledoc -


> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZpuN8PqbnYm-VelqI7aYtMydG5CYaeryKbFQgBRmg0/edit


> The googledoc is editable by anyone with the link - so I'd be grateful if it were not published on a publicly accessible list.


> Dates range from the end of January to May, but I'd encourage you to identify a topic and commit to a date as soon as possible, so that we can begin to push publicity out.


> Thanks!


> Best


> Ian





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