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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
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Hi John
Looks good and I can see it would be useful for existing users with a number of projects etc but as you say could quickly become cluttered and I think possibly confusing for new users in particular. 

I wondered about a checkbox/toggle which is off and not showing the icons by default? (see attached)

Then I wondered if instead of Show properties that should say Check properties or Quick properties.

Then I wondered if the icons would be shortcuts to that section of the properties panel e.g. a bit like Moodle edit icons

I wondered if it could be a possible problem where long project names are used or different languages like Tom's recent margin resize for Dutch

Then I wondered how Julian is likely to respond and whether this is this getting a bit removed from the FWS principal ;-)


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Hi all,

So from my conversation with Pat, I have taken a look at the feasibility of adding icons to Workspace to show-at-a-glance certain statuses:

  Flash vs Javascript
  RSS syndicated
  Shared with a collaborator
  (there may be others we can do that i'm not aware of)

I have rewritten the SQL query for Workspace to gather the required data and implemented the icons but as you can imagine Workspace soon gets cluttered (see image XOT_Icons_All). I have also been playing with the idea of only showing the images for the row that is selected (XOT_Icons_Selected) - but then I know you can select more than 1 row so not sure how to handle that...

What do you think?  I'm looking for ideas...


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