[Xerte-dev] latest 2.1 code issue with site template on upgraded install?

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue Oct 22 14:01:53 BST 2013

Hi all

not sure if I should be raising this here or on github? 

But anyway I'll raise it here for now - possibly just for future reference.


When I tested changing the XOT template icon yesterday I noticed a problem
with the bootstrap template but didn't have time to test properly until this


I upgraded an install to the latest 2.1 code bfore trying the alternative
icon and when creating a new project with the bootstrap template I noticed
the editor window was tiny. I thought that was the only problem but it turns
out if I tried to edit that new project no tree appeared in the editor and
this is because no xml was created in the project folder.


I checked the .info file which seemed fine. I also replaced the entire
install (apart from the user-files folder and auth_config etc) with just the
latest 2.1 code and that had the same problem. The Xerte and RSS templates
both worked fine.


This is a server install (not xampp) that has been upgraded many times and
it turns out that the site template showing in the workspace was referencing
site inside the xerte folder. I had used management.php to update central
templates and I had removed the older code but because the older entries
were in the database more than one site template was showing in management.
e.g. Xerte > Site and Site > Site. When I clicked show in the second site
listing it just opened the other site options.


In the end I deleted the site templates direct from the database
originaltemplatedetails table and then used  update template list to add the
site template back and could then access the options under Site > site >
show. I could then create projects with the site template correctly. 


This is all fine as this is only a test install but does make me a bit
nervous about upgrading other installations which have been in use a long
time and had previous upgrades. A few points for reference and


1. In management is the code for showing template options somehow
referencing name rather than template ID? e.g. I couldn't get to the options
of the Site > Site template because clicking show alongside that was just
opening the other Xerte > Site options. 


2. Should there be a delete option alongside each template shown in


3. I was able to fix this direct via the database but clearly any projects
built with the previous site template when it was within the xerte folder
would be broken. This may not apply to many other users apart from us but I
can't remember if the site template was ever part of a public zip when it
was in the Xerte folder rather than a template on its own? If it was then
this could possibly be a problem for others too.


4. I thought Julian had said that he'd committed the change to editor size
in the info files? On testing this once I got the site template working
properly I can see that the top bar margin has been removed but not sure the
info files have been changed - at least not in the 2.1 code? According to my
tests the editor window from both XOT and site needs to be editor 800,680




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