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So we need to weigh up the pros and cons... smaller pieces of work are much easier to progress than larger ones. Re-writing everything to use an API and completely re-writing all the code is a big job, too big a job I think, unless someone is going to sit down at it for a couple of months and that's not realistic unless we can pay them. The problem we started discussing was how to handle the PHP 5.5 thing. Scratch you own itch suggests those wanting to use 5.5 should shoulder the costs / efforts. If a simple fix is a few days' work, then Ron might want to talk to his contact about the possibility of finding £1000 for someone here to take on the coding? We can return to the ongoing discussions about APIs / abstraction / design patterns later: I sense those discussions could be paralysis, though of course I see the potential.

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How long would it take to change the code over to abstraction - honestly - I'd say 2-3 days (I internationalised over a weekend)

Yes, and then :

a. There was refactoring and bug fixing by others for days/weeks afterwards

b. If there had been a discussion beforehand, perhaps a different (and perhaps better) solution might have been chosen.

I'm all for someone 'fixing' the mysql_ stuff - but there needs to be a short discussion beforehand. There are 101 different possible approaches - some are more equal than others etc.

There's a big difference between replacing instances of 'mysql_query' and associated stuff with db_query* versus making some sort of library/api.

The effort/changes required for a library/api would probably replace/rewrite/overwrite whatever may have been done changing things to use e.g. db_query*.


But it just feels a bit odd to just do the database stuff

I will do it for 9,999 pounds

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