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On 15 Oct 2013, at 17:56, Pat @ Pgogy <xerte at pgogywebstuff.com> wrote:

> this is sort of why I think we needed a bigger set of goals for stuff


> This has been coming for ages, but everyone at the moment is sort of solving their own problems (so to speak), and so this wasn't ever going to become a big deal, but is eventually going to stop everything.


> Most of the XOT code is heading to being almost 5 years old now, stuff like was always going to happen without a sort of core development thread going on


I added 'db_query', 'db_query_one' function calls ages ago (see https://github.com/thexerteproject/xerteonlinetoolkits/blob/develop/website_code/php/database_library.php )  which do try to allow for the migration away from direct use of the PHP mysql driver (i.e. you could swap to use mysqli / mysqlnd or PDO or whatever easily enough). However, the last time I looked there was plenty of the codebase which still had 'mysql_query()' calls (or other mysql_ calls).

In an ideal world, the SQL which is embedded everywhere would be living in some sort of model class/library and be portable (or different files would be used for different databases) - so the project could run on SQLite/PostgreSQL/MSSQL etc but I suspect this would be difficult to achieve.


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