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Hi all

RTL is a new concept to me also but from having a quick look at some websites it seems that a few carefully placed RTL tags (and possibly some css) are all that is required for basic RTL support... that is something that is certainly doable in the current Xenith (html5/javascript) player without too much difficulty.

I think what I would need to know is the method of detecting RTL (ie is it an option added to the editor or is assumed on-the-fly from the language selected for the LO) and what page elements would be affected (ie only text box content or also textbox/'feature' box/page layout/navigation layout/etc - by feature box I mean things like should a right positioned youtube video switch to the left to allow the textbox to be on the right... also should/can you pass the rtl attribute to embeded iframe content or just allow it to render naturally... should the nav buttons switch sides etc...

Then there is the editor. I doubt much work is going to be spent on the flash wizard so entering the text will most likely be in ltr view. All the websites mention using notepad (or an editor that supports the unicode characters - which I know the wizard does to a certain extent - but is it enough?) and that this results in the text having to be laid out in quite a different order from how it will be displayed. In rewriting the xenith code I'm hoping to be able to make it more of a 'black box' where you inject data in and get a page out fully rendered so that you could have a 'live' page view as you edit which might speed up the process too of entering RTL content...

I think from my perspective, I always work best from a few mocked up screenshots to actually see how the final product would look, so if that is posible then it might help our interpretation of the issue and speedup the delivery of a possible solution.


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Hi Daphna,

the RTL is new to me - as I haven't done it before.
I think doing it for the admin interface would be ok, however the Xenith code I am not sure about.

I assume you want to change the learning objects and not the admin side?



On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 10:42 PM, Daphna Daphna <daphna26 at yahoo.com<mailto:daphna26 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
Hi Pat,

Thank you very much I'll do that.
I've tried to create few exercises in Hebrew, which is RTL, without much of success.
Is there a way to change the default direction of the text? I've already read that modifying the css files are not enough and there is a need to also to make changes on the js files  as well.
In this link<http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/pipermail/xerte/2011-May/009567.html> you were talking about modifying the side of the project.  I wonder what has become of this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance


On Monday, November 11, 2013 7:21 PM, "Pat @ Pgogy" <xerte at pgogywebstuff.com<mailto:xerte at pgogywebstuff.com>> wrote:

With the web version

Make a copy of a one of the folders inside the language folder (say en-gb) and then edit the files inside that

That will give you the option of using that language - I think you set it as default in config.php

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:01 PM, Daphna Daphna <daphna26 at yahoo.com<mailto:daphna26 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
Could someone please tell me if there's a tutorial for inserting language files?

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