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Great, thanks

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Hi Fay,

I works per se but needs 3 ajax requests from memory so can be a little flaky. I haven't really looked at  it to be honest since you fixed the duplicate button problem. I have some time tomorrow though so will try to take another look to see if I can do anything to make it more reliable and make the user experience a little better.


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Hello all

As you should know the HTML5 work is nearly complete and there are only a couple of page types for me to complete before we can release a new version of Toolkits with the HTML5 interface as the default view.  I have a few things that I could do with some help on before the release so if anyone can give me a hand with them or just give your opinions it would be much appreciated...

1.       Exporting HTML projects:
The files that would need to be in the zip would be more or less the same as for the Flash version but using the common_html5 and models_html5 folders instead of common/models.

2.       Abbreviated link:
Possibly something Ron can help with as I've noticed it's working on his install.  Can abbreviated links be made to work e.g. www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_html5_560<http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_html5_560> rather than using the full url?
(Apologies Pat, I think you partly answered this for me previously but I can't find it)

3.       Play / Preview links:

a.       Links in project properties, preview button in workspace and preview in wizard need to be updated to go to the HTML5 version.

b.      In the wizard should Ctrl-Click bring up the Flash version when clicking normally is changed to HTML5?

c.       Do you think there needs to be some browser detection that decides which version people see?  The problem I can see with this is that if we start adding new features or pages to the HTML5 version then by sending them to the Flash version instead they may miss out on some content.  Not many of the page types in the HTML5 version actually use HTML5 tags if that makes sense - probably just the handful where the canvas tag is used (textDrawing, charts etc.) so there might not be many instances where there will be problems if you're on an older browser anyway.

4.       Page models:

a.       John - is the flickr page finished?

b.      Johnathan - I've emailed you off list about a few queries I've got with the connector pages, I hope this is ok - I didn't want to bother everyone else with them

c.       SCORM - this isn't working at the moment but I can't quite remember what's missing.  I'll email with more details of what help I might need when I've looked back at it


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