[Xerte-dev] Re: Issues with Page Templates projects with possible implication for XOT

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Sun Mar 17 11:26:12 GMT 2013

Didn't test it (yet) but I assume we have the same issue in XOT as well. 
When copying a page, we should generate a new 'unique' linkID. Should be 
easy to fix.


Op 16-3-2013 13:02, Kemp Johnathan schreef:
> In Xerte in Page Templates (not a Pages type) project there are 
> currently two issues, the second of which may also compromise Xerte 
> Online Toolkits
> 1. For some reason when in Xerte you do "Pages / Create Template 
> Project From Pages" the project is not created using the current 
> models and templates.xwd file, but is built using the 
> C:\Xerte\Wizards\PageTemplates.xtp file and this file is out of date. 
> If you rename the file _PageTemplates.xtp then Xerte will not be able 
> to find it and will use the correct models and xwd file to create your 
> new project.
> 2. Connector pages depend on every page having a unique linkID. 
> However in Page Templates type projects if you select a page and Copy 
> it, the new copy of the page receives the same linkID as the page from 
> which it was copied. This will compromise the pageList listing and 
> selection of the correct page. I have not been able to test this for 
> XOT as I currently don't have a working install, but perhaps someone 
> could run a check on this.
> Kind regards
> Johnathan
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