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We want to use this as a way of letting the development take place in full view, so we can surface issues and questions as they arise, and debate the various things we need to debate here. It will greatly aid the project if you can help by chipping in thoughts and observations as we go along - accessibility is an area to be concerned with, and things will be quite different in HTML than in Flash, for obvious reasons, and we need to think about the framework for developers to extend the system with their own templates: so if you have any thought s about how this should work from a developers point of view please pipe up.

This is a brilliant start! Have a great weekend,

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This week the project to make a HTML5 viewer for Toolkits started.  You can view an work in progress example of it here http://ltdev.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/prototypeInterface.htm (best to view in Firefox at the moment - the css hasn't been sorted properly yet)

At the moment it's obviously very rough and looks terrible!  I've added all the optional properties to the LO so I can make sure everything that works in the Flash version works here too (background image, icon, menu page, menu image etc.).  The aim is to get the main interface finalised before we start work on any of the page models so although it is getting info from an xml file to load in the correct page type and give it a title, everything else on each page is currently fixed.  The page models are separate html files that are loaded in to the main interface html.

A few things have come up as I've been working on this that you might have opinions on:

We were thinking of getting rid of a lot of the options at the bottom of the Flash version (Font / Text Size etc.) and have the browser setting deal with this.  What do you think about the size of it though - fix it at 800 x 600 or have it automatically resize?  Do you think we will still need an option to swap views?

In this version there's a main style sheet and you can also add styles to each page model html file if there's any stuff specific to that model.  This seems to work ok but I was wondering what would happen if you uploaded a custom style sheet for the LO - these override the main one but not the model specific styles.  For those who have made custom interfaces for projects in the past is this likely to be a problem?  I would have thought the styles in the models will be more general layout things.

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