[Xerte-dev] Re: Xot: which version?

Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 12 10:42:03 GMT 2012

The xwd files are xml files. xwd is a Xerte extension that identifies the
file as a definition for a form.

When the new set of xwd files are released I will also provide a document
to give some guidance on how to translate them.

I edit my xwd files using a free program called FlashDevelop as its what I
use alongside Xerte when I am creating new page types.

However whilst you could also use a program like XML Marker to edit the xwd
files, I have run a quick test. XML Marker removed all the line end
characters from the file so that when I re-opened the file in FlashDevelop
it had lost its visual layout as the whole file displayed on one line.

This may make it harder for you in the future to maintain your translated
set of xwd files.

The new version of Xerte constructs a template.xwd file from a set of
individual page xwd files. During the build process a sequence of error
checking takes place so there is some support for detecting any errors that
might creep in during the translation process. So my personal
recommendation would be to use a conventional editor such as Flash Develop,
unless you have an xml editor that can be configured to leave the line end
characters in place.

Kind regards


2012/3/11 José Gregorio Díaz Unda <xt4mhz at yahoo.com>

> Hey Johnathan.
> Is it possible to "handle" the translation of xwd files from "language"
> folder through xml files ?
> I'm asking from my ignorance.
> Thanks!
> José.
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