[Xerte-dev] Re: 1.8 files

David Goodwin david at palepurple.co.uk
Thu Mar 1 19:32:17 GMT 2012

On 1 Mar 2012, at 19:04, Julian Tenney wrote:

> The files in trunk ought to basically be the 1.8 files. The trunk can be reverted to the state it was in earlier, and I haven't changed anything in 1.7 or 1.8. The 1.8 files don't work when I export them and try them in xampp. When I tried to merge 1.8 into trunk, there were conflicting changes on most of the PHP files, so I accepted the 'repository' option, which I took to mean the files from 1.8. If all those conflicts need manually resolving, I'm not the right man to do it...
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> I did see reference to __file__ in index.php which didn't seem right.

__FILE__ is fine/not a problem. I use it all the time when require/including files, as it bypasses any problems you might have with weird include paths, or files of the same name also in your include path elsewhere.

__file__ is (i think) nonsense.


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