[Xerte-dev] Importing into XoT 1.8

Thomas Rochford thomas.rochford at jiscadvance.ac.uk
Tue Jul 24 22:21:52 BST 2012

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,


Following the installation of XERTE 1.8 last Friday, the Provider has
reported an error which prevents any object being previewed or played.


The error message that appears on the screen is:


"ERROR: The file modules/xerte/parent_templates/Nottingham/Nottingham.rlt
failed to load."


However the template path appears to have been set correctly and the
Nottingham.rlt file is there and appears to be uncorrupted. An echo
statement in config.php shows the Template File root as 




Where 'xerte' is the name of the 'toolkits' directory


There is also a problem importing objects which may be related to this. The
import never completes and there are no error messages to indicate why. I
have set "$development = true;"  and "ini_set('error_reporting', 1);" in
config .php but I am not seeing anything in the error_logs directory other
than the readme.txt file and an empty file called


The server is a Windows Server and is therefore using IIS. It may be an
obscure permissions issue.


If anyone has any ideas about how to fix this (I don't think you can set
permissions on these servers trivially) I'ld welcome some guidance. Moodle
2.2.1 is running OK on the server.


Kindest Regards,



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