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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jul 24 14:45:03 BST 2012

I have it. Shall we link one to play_560, and the other to the (as yet unpopulated) xerte.org.uk?

I'd really like us to get the xerte.org.uk site off the ground this coming year, its an agenda item for our meeting in October. But it might be premature to link to it now - any other ideas as to where to link to?

From: Tenney Julian
Sent: 24 July 2012 14:41
To: 'For Xerte technical developers'
Subject: Panels

This bug:

How To Panel
Neither links work. Learning Object Demo can link to play_560. Anything better we can do with these panels? Maybe link to the community site xerte.org.uk, or the techDis resources?

Where is the text set? Is it in the setup scripts?
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