[Xerte-dev] Re: Updates to model and xwd files by JK 16th July

Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Wed Jul 18 14:03:35 BST 2012


With respect to your list of issues with pages.

I have now fixed the image size issue with the flickr page so that it
accommodates pictures with varying numbers of sizes available. The code now
either uses the first size that will need constraining so that the image
fills as much of the space available, or it uses the largest image

Kind regards


On 16 July 2012 18:04, Kemp Johnathan <johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks
> I have just committed the rest of my changes for today.
> I noticed that a lot of model files now have language="en_GB" back in them.
> I will take that out again either tonight or tomorrow.
> Attached is list of actions done today so you can update your main list.
> Kind regards
> Johnathan
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